Life cycle costs

When choosing a floor system, it is important to ask how long the floor will last before it needs to be replaced, and to know the costs of cleaning and maintenance. Our experience is that a proven sustainable overall economy is essential in the overall perspective of a floor investment.

The exceptionally long life span of a solid hardwood floor is achievable because it can be sanded and resealed many times making it very cost-competitive compared with other wood and synthetic finishes.


The initial cost of the floor will depend upon the choice of system.

All our sports floors are “fully sprung, area elastic” and comply with the European standard EN 14904, but will differ from one another in terms of shock absorption, ball response, height, etc. Floor systems for commercial and residential use can be installed either as floating with Junckers Clip-system, as loadbearing nailed to battens or with a glue down system.


Day-to-day Cleaning Junckers floors are low maintenance, requiring only sweeping/vacuuming with damp mopping, and do not require special dressings or polishes.


Some wood floor manufacturers claim that their floors don’t require resealing- don’t believe them. The finish will still scratch and wear with use and so will need to be resealed periodically.

With cheaper wood floors the lacquer will be poor quality, so the floor will need resealing more often. Junckers provides heavy duty 100% pure polyurethane lacquers which save the client money and “down time”.

It is not unusual to see Junckers floors in sport halls 50-60 years old.


A Junckers 22mm floor can be sanded down to bare wood between eight and ten times during its life.

With Junckers hardwearing lacquers the time between sanding’s is very long. When a synthetic or engineered floor is worn out a Junckers solid floor is usually being sanded only for the first time.

After multiple sanding’s the Junckers floor retains its strength, and even when sanding into the dovetail joint in a 2-strip floor board, the board and joints remain sound - guaranteed. Some engineered floors will begin to weaken after 10 to 15 years use and may only be sanded twice in their life.